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Spirited Seminars

Event Description

The Spirited Seminars feature four opportunities to learn from some of the best Mixologists in the industry. The seminars will explore the art of the cocktail from the elements of tasting like a pro to special tips for crafting the perfect drink for seamless, gracious entertaining. Preparations, pairings, new craft ingredients and products – these renowned Mixologists invite you behind the bar for a glimpse into the craft of creating beautiful cocktails. Garden to Glass- Join this expert team of mixologists as they demonstrate and talk you through the making of the freshest cocktails using seasonal ingredients that can be harvested from your own garden. Taste like a Pro- We all know how to sip and swirl, but dive deeper with the experts as they uncover their secrets for tasting spirits and wine like a pro. You’ll complete this Spirited Seminar with an expanded knowledge of the components of tasting – with great tastes and a little splash of fun in the mix. Whoa! Low & No- Step into this tropical cocktail seminar ready to learn how to be the host with the most! Savvy hosts will share tricks to help you cater to your guests’ cocktail preferences with thoughtful accommodations that exhibit genuine hospitality. This seminar takes you through the prep and process of mixing cocktails with “Whoa,” Low and No ABV – a skill that will take your entertaining prowess to the next level. Fords Gin Seminar will pair up with Miles Macquarrie, co-owner and beverage director of Decatur’s Kimball House and recipe developer for Tip Top Proper Cocktails, and Neal Bodenheimer, founding partner of James Beard Award Winning New Orleans craft bar, Cure, to showcase their products from the experts’ point of view. Discover why (and how) mixologists and bartenders love to work with Fords Gin, a precise and thoughtful blend of nine botanicals including juniper, coriander seed, citrus, florals and spices.

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